Tuesday, January 25, 2011


lost: 1.2
BMI: 20.1

I have an appointment with my counselor tomorrow- as always I have nothing to say.

Today I ate WAY too much.
- english muffin: 150
- banana, peach, apple:  250
- sushi, miso soup: about 500 (purged a bit)
-banana again: 100

Then I burned 610 calories just now at the gym. I wanted today to be a normal day so badly. Now I'm in tears because I was dumb for thinking I could do it. Tomorrow I am sleeping at my friends so I am nervous.

1 comment:

  1. at least you didn't binge! i'm back on day one ): loser!
    oh god can i understand that 'nothing to say' feeling. my mind is always so empty, blank, i'm do disconnected. write it down? if i can do it, you can too.... it was probably a moment of stupidity on my part and i'm so embarassed to go on friay but i was desperate. it could really help.
    take care lovely <3