Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lost:  1.6
Total lost since 1/23: 2.6
BMI: 19.8

I feel like I'm finally off this standstill with my weight- even better I feel alot more in control! I'm becoming more and more obsessed with numbers again- that makes me feel further and further away from the binge cycle.

My counseling appointment was cancelled for today- we scheduled for next Monday. I still have to make my doctors appointment but I feel too fat still to be weighed. I really should make it for after class on Monday.  I'm going to call today.

Today I have class at 1pm. I'm going to watch my physiology lecture before and clean my room a bit. Then after class I have to get new tires put on my car because of my little accident two days ago. My mom is being nice enough to pay for them. After I am spending the night at my best friends.

My friends do not work out ever. They eat whatever they want too. I was nervous about not working out today and I just got a text saying to bring my gym clothes later because we were going to our university gym to work out! Ahh- YES! It will be too late for a meal too so I'm not worried anymore. I hope I don't end up having to guide them through what I do usually because I want to take off on my own, but that isn't very nice.

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