Monday, November 12, 2012

Just another day.

Last night I went to group at my old treatment center. I have so much on my mind and had every intention on talking about it. It was past the time though, and I would have felt bad for making everyone stay...even though we stayed almost 45 minutes late anyways. My intention for the week was to "not jump off a bridge". I cannot believe I said that outloud and as soon as I said my thoughts instantly went to "IDIOT! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!" So I had numeous texts afterward from people from the group to see if I was okay. People say that all the time so why is it some huge deal when I say it?! Cripe.

So it's Monday. I can't believe how quick the semester is flying by. It's a good thing, but a bad thing too. The quicker time goes, the more time I'm wasting on my eating disorder...the closer I am to getting older. WAH. I don't know.

Class time

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