Friday, February 11, 2011


I just wanted to thank you girls for all the support on my previous post. It means alot, really. I'm sorry I haven't been around- school is KILLING me. For instance, Monday I have a neurophysiology exam, Tuesday I have 3 philosophy papers due, Thursday I have a sociology exam. AHHH!

Here is just TWO weeks of  neurophysio.

Monday I NEED to get my bloods done! I've put it off since last week AND I cancelled twice this week for my weekly weighin/vitals. I made an appointment for Monday. I have to go.

I haven't weighed- too scared. I am liquid fasting this weekend though. I will be at the library all weekend so it shouldn't be a problem. I don't know what I weigh, but I'm jjust going to set the goal of 111. (wow that's....optimistic of me)

I never post pictures, so here is me. Fat, Ugly, Despicable. ( only now I have shorter, darker hair)

FAT arm!

This is Sammi- 6 months. (one of 4 kitties) <3

This is Krista, my sister. She's perfect. Prettier, Smart, Thin...Engaged

It won't let me copy it, but here is my maid of honor dress- in the watermelon pink
(hopefully it works)

I think I bored you enough.

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